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Nome Categorias Fabricantes Ano Sistema
1942: The Pacific Air War Microprose 1994
Acrojet System soft, Microprose 1985
Acrojet - The Advanced Flight Simulator Microprose 1985
Action Fighter (speccy) Microprose, Firebird 1989
Air Duel: 80 Years of Dogfighting Microprose 1993
Airborne Ranger (speecy) Microprose, Simulation Software 1988
Battle of the Solar System

a.k.a. B.O.T.S.S.

Microprose 1991
Bloodnet Microprose 1993
Bloodnet (CD)

a.k.a. Bloodnet - A Cyberpunk Gothic

Microprose 1993
Crusade in Europe (PC) Microprose 1986
Decision in the Desert (PC) Microprose 1985
F-117A Stealth Fighter Microprose 1992
F-15 Strike Eagle Microprose 1990
F-15 Strike Eagle (game gear) Microprose, NMS Software 1993
F-15 Strike Eagle (MSX) System soft, Microprose 1987
F-15 Strike Eagle II (genesis) Microprose 1993
F15 Strike Eagle (NES) Microprose 1991
Gunship (genesis) US Gold, Microprose 1993
Gunship (msx)

a.k.a. Gunship - The Helicopter Simulation

Microprose 1989
Hellcat Ace Microprose 1Q84
Magic: The Gathering Microprose 1997
Pirates! Gold (mega drive) Microprose 1993
Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender-Bender Microprose 1992
Spitfire Ace Microprose 1Q84
Star Trek The Next Generation (mega drive)

a.k.a. Star Trek The Next Generation - Echos from the Past

SEGA - SErvice GAmes, Microprose 1994
Super Tank Attack (prototype?) Microprose  
The Chaos Engine (genesis)

a.k.a. Soldiers of Fortune (genesis)

Microprose, Bitmap Brothers 1993
The Chaos Engine (snes) [SNSP-UD-UKV]

alt: Soldiers of Fortune

Microprose, Bitmap Brothers, Renegade, Spectrum Holobyte 1993
Times of Lore (spectrum) Microprose, Origin, Imagitec Design 1989
Tinhead Microprose, Ballistic, Spectrum Holobyte 1993
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