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Air Raiders

Instructions (for 1 player)

The object of the game is to blast enemy aircraft out of the sky...and
dodge ground missiles!!!  Zero in on enemy planes!  Bank left, bank
right, dive, climb out!  Watch your elevation!  Keep track of the fuel?  
Run out of and refuel...take off again!


It's a against the enemy!  You're the pilot, gunner and
navigator all in one!!!  Enemy planes are buzzing you.  Anti-Aircraft
ground forces are shelling you!

Get an enemy plane in your sights and FIRE!  Try to shoot down as many as
you can!  If ground fire (flak) explodes in your're
quickly lose altitude.  Climb back up!  Stay clear of the flack!

[picture of screen.  The following things are pointed out:  Enemy
Aircraft (do I need to explain what these look like?), Your Gunsight (see
Enemy Aircraft), Ground Shelling (Flak) (they look like little diamonds
in the sky), Horizon (that line where the color goes from green to blue),
Remaining Ammunition (the number above the word "Amo"), Heavy Flack Zone
(this is the middle of that bar at the very bottom of the screen), Your
Plane Position (the white line that travels in the bar on the bottom of
the screen), Remaining Fuel (the bar just above the bottom bar), Altitude
Gauge (the number above the word "ALT"), and Number of Planes Shot Down (the
number above the word "HITS")]

You must shoot down at least 10 planes before you can land to refuel then
take off again!  The game ends when you run out of ammo completely or
when you crash!  Press RESET and start again.  Try to get a better score
each time.  Challenge a friend!


Use the left joystick controller for this game.  Be sure the controller
cable is securely plugged into the back of your game console.  Hold the
controller so the RED BUTTON is to your upper left.  

[picture of correct way to hold the controller]



Before the game begins, set your LEFT Difficulty Switch to "A" or "B".  
It's much harder to get away from enemy shelling in the "A" position.


When you start a game, and after you refuel, press the RED BUTTON.  The
runway lights appear to move as your plane starts to move.  When you gain
speed (about 4 seconds), pull back on the the JOYSTICK for takeoff.  If
you try to take off before gaining enough speed, you will crash!  Wait
too long before takeoff and you will run out of runway.  You'll quickly
get the hang of the timing!

[picture of the runway]

Once airborne, keep clear of enemy flak and be on the alert for enemy


Fly the plane by pushing on the JOYSTICK.  You can make the plane fly in
four different directions.  You can quickly change the direction the
plane is flying.  If you don't move the Joystick, you level off and fly
straight ahead.  

Push to make the plane climb [picture of joystick being pushed down}

Push to make the plane bank left [picture of joystick being pushed left]

Push to make the plane dive [picture of joystick being pushed up]

Push to make the plane bank right [picture of joystick being pushed right]

Your point of view is through the cockpit window.  As you "turn" the
plane, your view changes.

Turn left and dive: see more ground
[picture of joystick being pushed up and to the left]
[picture of horizon sloping down toward the right; half sky, half ground

Turn right and dive:  see more ground
[picture of joystick being pushed up and to the right]
[picture of horizon sloping down toward the left; half sky, half ground

Turn left and climb:  see more sky
[picture of joystick being pushed down and to the left]
[picture of horizon sloping down toward the right; only a little piece of
ground is seen]

Turn right and climb:  see more sky
[picture of joystick being pushed down and to the right]
[picture of horizon sloping down toward the left; only a little piece of
ground is seen]


You're on a gunnery misson!  To fire, get the enemy in your sights, then
press the RED BUTTON.  Make a direct hit and the enemy plane blows up!

IMPORTANT:  Don't stop shooting until you are really low on fuel!  It's
important to make as many hits as you can when airborne!


It's important to keep an eye on your gauges.  You can fly to a maximum
40 altitude (This is 40,000 feet).  There aren't many enemy planes at
this altitude.  Be extra careful when you dive.  You lose altitude fast!  
Get down under 10 and you'd better climb out before you crash!

Once you are airborne you begin using fuel.  Climbing uses about 4 times
as much fuel as diving, and about twice as much as flying level.

Before liftoff, your gauges look like this.
[picture of gauges.  Alt and Hits are at zero.  Amo is at 99.  The
plane's position is in the middle of the bottom gauge, and the fuel
gauge is full]

When you get really low on fuel, it's time to land and refuel!  Time this
carefully or you might run out of fuel and crash!

Watch the plane position indicator.  Fly into the red zone and you're
into heavy flak.  This zone is even more dangerous at the low altitudes.  
Keep out of this zone as much as possible.


You can land at any time.  BUT you can only refuel and take off again if
you made at least 10 hits the last time up!  Wait until you are really
low on fuel then fly down to 00 altitude.  Wait for the runway to appear,
approximately 4 seconds.  Push forward on the JOYSTICK until the horizon
is all the way up, then release the JOYSTICK.  You've landed!

Once you land to refuel, you lose some ammo.  Check you ammo gauge.  You
only have as much ammo as the number of hits you made last time up.  For
example, if you got 11 hits then landed, you will take off with 11 ammo
after refueling.  If you are a crack shot, you can refuel several times!

Once the plane is level after landing, you can take off again.  Remember
to gain enough speed before takeoff!

IMPORTANT:  The game ends if you crash, or if you run completely out of
ammo and cannot take off again!


Enemy planes usually fly in threes.  Shoot one and two are left.  Go
after them!  This is when you need to get fancy with your flying.  If
they fly left or right, follow them.  If you need to conserve fuel, try
to shoot down as many enemy planes as you can without climbing or diving.

|                 |               |               |
|  Rating         |  1st Time Up  |  Entire Game  |
|                 |               |               |
|  Student Pilot  |     0 - 10    |     0 - 10    |
|                 |               |               |
|  Novice         |    10 - 20    |    10 - 30    |
|                 |               |               |
|  Fighter Pilot  |    20 - 30    |    30 - 50    |
|                 |               |               |
|  Ace Pilot      |    30 - 45    |    50 - 70    |
|                 |               |               |
|  Double Ace     |    45 - 65    |    70 - 90    |
|                 |               |               |
|  Triple Ace     |      65+      |      90+      |


* Shoot down as many enemy planes as you can the first time in the air.  
  don't refuel until you absolutely need to.  The more hits you make, the
  more ammo you get the next time up!

* When you see flack near your sight, pull back on the JOYSTICK so you
  are climbing when you get hit.  This way you won't dive as much when you
  actually get hit.

Larry Zwick (Programmer)