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tu se acha o ardcór das parada?

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Preste bem atenção na 3 fase. Você está em uma moto
laser de deves desviar de todos os blocos.
Quando aumentar a velocidade da moto ( depois de tu ter
sofrido bastante e demora um pouco para chegar lá ) deves contar os blocos. no nono bloco, quando a velocidade estiver quase no máximo, você verá uma espécie de estrela brilhando. É uma warp-zone para a 5 fase. Então você deve se chocar com a estrela.


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[SEAL: Official Nintendo Seal of Quality (R)]

This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo (R) has
reviewed this product and that it has met our standards for
excellence in workmanship, reliability and entertainment value.
Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to
ensure complete compatiblity with your Nintendo Entertainment

Licensed by Nintendo for play on the Nintendo Entertainment
System (R)

Nintendo and Nintendo Entertainment System are trademarks of
Nintendo of America Inc.

Warning: Do not use with front or rear projecting T.V.  Do not use
a front or rear projection television with your Nintendo
Entertainment System (R) ("NES") and this video game.  Your
projection television screen may be permanently damaged if video
games with stationary scenes or patterns are played on your
projection television.  Similar damage may occur if you place a
video game on hold or pause.  If you use your projection
television with this video game, neither Tradewest nor Nintendo
of America, Inc. will be liable for any damage.  This situation
is not caused by a defect in the NES or this game; other fixed or
repetitive images may cause similar damage to a projection
television.  Please contact your T.V. manufacturer for further

Thank you for purchasing Tradewest's Battletoads (TM) for your
Nintendo Entertainment System.  For maximum enjoyment, please
read this instruction manual thoroughly before playing.

[PAGE 1]


The Battletoads Story           2
Controlling the Action          3
How to Play                     4
Baddies                         8
Obstacles                      13
Smash Hits                     17
Scoreboard                     19


1.  This is a high precision game.  It should not be stored in
    places that are very hot or cold.  Never hit or drop it.  Do not
    take it apart.

2.  Avoid touching the connectors.  Do not get them wet or dirty.
    Doing so many damage the game.

3.  Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, alcohol or other

4.  Always turn the power off before inserting or removing the
    cassette from the Nintendo Entertainment System.

[PAGE 2]


After her defeat by the Galactic Corporation at the battle of
Canis Major, the Dark Queen and her renegade space troops retreat
to the outer reaches of the universe, hiding out in dark spaces
between the stars.

Meanwhile, on board the spaceship Vulture, Professor T. Bird and
the Battletoads - Rash, Zitz and Pimple - are escorting the
Princess Angelica back to her home planet, where her father, the
Terran Emperor, awaits her safe arrival.

Along the way, Pimple, the biggest Battletoad, takes Angelica out
for a cruise in the Toadster to a nearby Leisure Station.

Pimple and Angelica burn space, but the Dark Queen ambushes them
before they can get there.  Luckily, Pimple manages to send out a
distress signal before the Toadster is gobbled up and carried
away to Ragnarok's World, the Dark Queen's planet...

So, there's the situation, 'toad: the Dark Queen's kidnapped the
Princess Angelica and your best buddy Pimple - what're ya gonna
do about it?!

You're gonna get real MAD, that's what you're gonna do - and then
you're gonna get EVEN!

Professor Bird's gonna set you down on Ragnarok, but from there
it's up to you.  You've got a long way to go, 'toad, thru ice and
fire and nightmares so terrible you don't even want to imagine
'em - thru a monstrous Gargantua and ultimately to the Tower of
Shadows, where the Dark Queen awaits you.

Have you got the guts, 'toad?  We'll soon see, one way or

[PAGE 3]


Double-click left or right to run
    and to access smash hits
    (along with Button B)

Select = Select Players
Start = Start Game/Pause Game

Button A = Jump
Button B = Action

[PAGE 4]


As soon as the spaceship Vulture lowers the Battletoads down to
Ragnarok's World, your 'toadally awesome rescue mission begins.
So hit the ground running.

Awaiting your arrival are endless canyons, dark holes, a
terrifying tunnel, an arctic cavern, a scalding inferno and much
more!  Each filled with monstrous baddies and dangerous

[PAGE 5]

Baddies are the Dark Queen's army of menacing villians, and
they're gonna try and stop you from reaching the Tower of
Shadows, where she holds Pimple and Angelica captive.

Obstacles are the deadly weapons which she has carefully hidden
to catch you completely off guard.  Advancing to the next level
requires defeating all of the baddies in your current level and
avoiding all of the obstacles.

[PAGE 6]

But be careful, they like to hit back.  And if you're hit too
many times, you're as good as gone, 'toad!  'Cuz each Battletoad
has a limited life span.

Luckily, you have a series of mega-powerful punches, slams and
kicks at your disposal, which only a Battletoad can activate.
Also, certain objects may be picked up along the way and used as
weapons.  For a little extra energy, try munching on some nice,
juicy flies.

[PAGE 7]

While most of your fighting will be done on 'toad-foot, certain
levels require expert racing skills.  In these areas, check out
the high performance Speed Bike, Jet Turbo and Space Board!

Once you finally reach the Tower of Shadows, the ultimate
showdown begins.  Here the Dark Queen will use every means
possible to keep you from getting your hands on Pimple and
Angelica.  And the surprises she has in store are enough to make
your green skin crawl.

[PAGE 8]


*Dark Queen* - She commands her evil forces from the Tower of
Shadows.  You must seize her power to save your friends.

*Dragon* - Will swoop down on you when you least expect it.
Watch out for its speciality, the 'toad-slam.

*Saturn Toadtraps* - Feed exclusively on 'toads, but you can
uproot them with the BT Bashing Ball.

*Rat Rocket* - With built-in power boosters, this rodent is bent
on either mowing you down or showering your green head with

*Giblet* - A robust rodent, who's surprisingly quick and mean.
Beat him to the bomb, or you're history.

[PAGE 9]

*Scuzz* - These cowardly characters attack in groups from behind,
but the Battletoad Butt will send 'em on their scuzzy way.

*Ravens* - Though old birds, no relation to the professor, who
can't wait to get their claws on you.  A mutant variety will try
and snip your turbo-cable with its big beak.

*'Vaders* - This survivor of the original invaders is out to
steal your energy bars and escape with them.

*Rat Pod* - Since they sway from side to side, it takes some
nifty maneuvering to avoid these rodent roadhogs.

*Tail Walker* - The Walker's big brother, he's a bully who's out
for revenge.  Don't let him get you cornered.

[PAGE 10]

*Boss Walker* - Stay out of sight or this witless Walker will
cook your green but and send it leapin'.

*Big Blag* - The undisputed chief of the Dark Queen's rodent army
- first he's gonna GNASH ya, then he's gonna CHOMP ya, then he's
gonna SPIT YOUSE OUT an' STOMP ya!

*Psyko-Pigs* - Wielding battle axes, these swine will give you a
major headache unless you make pork chops out of them first.

*Sentry-Drones* - The experts at 'toad-termination.  Let 'em

*Robo-Manus* - A genetically enhanced biogen, mutated by the
forces of Darkness, consider him armed and dangerous or he'll
send your 'toad-hide soaring with one burst from his blasters.

[PAGE 11]

*Electra-Eel* - Let this sea serpent slither nearby and you'll
get a buzz you won't soon forget.

*Snowman* - Frosty's evil snow-slingin' twin.  Dodge his
snowballs, then melt him with your Nuclear Knuckles.

*Hammerfish* - Don't be fooled by this innocent looking little
fish.  It'll nail you the first chance it gets.

*Hornhead* - Voted ugliest in his class, this oaf patrols the
Tower.  Don't let him make a 'toad-kebob out of you.

*Steel-Beak* - A duck which no 'toad would want in its bath.
Watch out for its beak, it packs one heck of a peck!

[PAGE 12]

*General Slaughter* - One of the Dark Queen's least intelligent
commanders.  He always uses his head, if only as a weapon.

Also featuring the following:

*Walker* - The type that kicks you when you're down.  Bust 'em
up, then use his leg as a weapon.

*Mechno-Droids* - These unruly robots patrol the entrances to the
Terra Tubes.  Give 'em the Battletoad Butt and watch 'em fly.

*Krazy Kog* - You'd best avoid this mechanical menace or you'll
end up a 'toad-pancake.

[PAGE 13]


*Gasser* - A puff of truly smelly gas that is sure to leave you

*Sucka* - Like a fancy food processor, it drags you into its
spinning blades and turns you into ground 'toad-meat.

*Big Ball* - Once it gets on a roll, it can knock you right on
your 'toad-butt.  Get ready for a vigorous game of dodge ball.

*Spike Ball* - Revolving around the dreaded Tower of Shadows,
this orb has been known to really stick-it to intruders.

*Snotball* - You'll need more than a tissue to clean-up this goo
since it clings to the roof and floor, waitin' to slime you.

[PAGE 14]

*Snowballs* - A blizzard that's guaranteed to send a cold shiver
down your 'toad-spine.

*Ice Spikes* - Unless you're fast on your green feet, these
falling frozen daggers make you feel like a pin cushion.

*Retro-Blasters* - Smash out of walls and fire lethal bolts of
energy.  Short-circuit them by using the BT Bashing Ball.

*Electro Zap* - With 2,000 volts of 'toad-frying electricity
between them, they glide across the screen at shocking speed.

*Swellcheeks* - A rather windy individual guarding the Tower.
Hang on, or you'll become a sky-divin' 'toad.

[PAGE 15]

Also featuring the following:

*Logs* - Floating along the river at rapid speed, this
treacherous timber can't wait to smash your Space Board and turn
you into tiny 'toad-bits.

*Whirlpools* - If these swift, swirlers suck you into their wake,
your chances of survival will go right down the drain.

*Spikeback* - Stumble onto their spike-covered armor and you'll
surely get the point.

*Mines* - Bob along the river, waiting to sink your chances of
getting past.

*Meteorites* - A storm of fiery rocks headed your way.  Get that
Jet Turbo movin'!

*Missiles* - An explosive barrage that comes at you from all
sides.  Avoid them, or you're 'toadst.

[PAGE 16]

*Buzzball* - The only way to shake loose of this humongous ball
of killer static cling is to out-leap it to the finish.

*Shadow Clouds* - Lurking in the shadows of the awesome Tower,
they roll in to put an end to your mission.

*Electro-Gaps* - These electrifying little gaps between
platforms can be a real shocker.

[PAGE 17]

Turbo Thwack                Battletoad Butt

Swingin' Size Thirteens     BT Bashing Ball

Jawbuster                   Nuclear Knuckles

Kiss-My-Fist                Big Bad Boot

[PAGE 18]


Lives are heartily highlighted.  See if you can 1 UP 'em, 'toad.

Energy is the stuff those juicy flies are made of.  Let's eat!

Points are 'toadally numerical.


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P.O. Box 2097
Corsicana, TX 75110


(C) 1991 Rare Ltd., available on the Nintendo Entertainment
System exclusively from Tradewest, Inc. Licensed to Tradewest by
Rare Coin-It, Inc.

Manufactured in Japan.

All Rights Reserved.

Nintendo (R) and Nintendo Entertainment System are trademarks of
Nintendo of America Inc.


Printed in Japan