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Star Castle (version 3)

Designed by Tim Skelly
Programmed by Scott Boden

This was one of the first games to use an experimental artificial intelligence to harras the game player's ship.
The star constellation in the background was actually the outline of a centerfold from a 1980 issue of OUI magazine. When management found out after shipping about 5000 units, they flipped out and almost stopped production. They eventually came to their senses and nothing was changed.

A Star Castle unit appears in the 90 min movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High released in 1982. In the 99 min movie Rocky III released in 1982. in the 88 min movie Joysticks released in 1983. In the 97 min movie Maximum Overdrive released in 1986. In the 86 min movie High School High released in 1996.

The Atari 2600 game "Yar's Revenge" originated from a rough version of Star Castle for that system which never made it to production.

Tips and Tricks:

Star Castle

by Tom Hirschfeld (1981)


a. Left and right ROTATE buttons

b. THRUST button

c. FIRE button


a. Outer ring: 10 points per side destroyed

b. Middle ring: 20 points per side destroyed

c. inner ring: 30 points per side destroyed

d. Bonus plus extra ship for each cannon destroyed


a. Small bombs from the castle walls destroy the player's ship on impact.

b. Center cannon shoots lethal fireballs.


a. The player's ship can shoot in bursts of three and travel behind the screen. Whenever it strikes the outer boundaries of the castle, whether or not there are any walls there, it automatically rebounds in the opposite direction.

b. The three "energy-rings" of the castle are actually dodecagons. The twelve sides of each ring must be hit twice to be destroyed; after the first time, they glow to show they have been hit.

Two of the rings turn quickly in different directions, and the third turns slowly. Whenever the outer ring is completely destroyed, the middle and inner ones enlarge and move out, and a new one forms around the cannon. Since the player's main goal is to destroy the cannon, he must shoot selectively.

c. The central cannon's barrel always follows the player's ship around the screen, slowly at first. Whenever gaps in all three rings pass before the barrel at once, it takes advantage of the opportunity by releasing a fireball. Because the barrel usually points to the player's ship, the ship is often in the path of the fireball.

When the cannon is hit, the player receives a bonus ship and credit for all the ring segments remaining in the castle.

d. Like the fireball, the bombs cannot pass behind the screen, as the player's ship and its missiles can.

There are never more than three bombs on the screen at once. They pass from the inner ring to the middle to the outer and then into space, where they track the player's ship. The ship can destroy them with missiles, but they bring no points.

e. As time passes, whether cannons are destroyed or not, everything speeds up. The bombs become faster than the spaceship, the rings revolve more quickly, and the cannon no longer merely turns to face the ship when the player emerges from behind the screen; it blinks into position.


a. Get used to using the edges of the screen. it will come in handy once you start using the patterns set forth below, and it's always a good habit in ASTEROIDS-type games.

b. After a certain point in the game, you must learn never to stay in one place for more than a second.

c. It's a shame that the game speeds up with time instead of with each cannon destroyed otherwise, you could play indefinitely simply by destroying the first castle's outer ring over and over. As it is, though, you must take as little time as possible to destroy each castle, ensuring a steady supply of bonus ships.

d. Except for shifting the slow ring to the middle later in the game (see Strategy i.) try not to let a castle grow new rings, it wastes time.

e. Similarly, shoot an approaching bomb only if it is alone and you do not wont to move. Otherwise, you are wasting your time, gaining no points, and taking the risk of missing.

f. When you have only the inner ring between you and the cannon and you are close enough, a triple burst will destroy it before it has a chance to retaliate.

g. When the game begins to speed up, try this simple pattern: go to the center of the left or right edge and face the edge of the screen. Your shots will cross behind and hit the other side of the castle.

As soon as the bombs get too close for comfort, simply thrust about an inch forward and you will be on the other side of the screen, still firing at the castle. As the bombs cross the screen towards you, turn around and repeat the procedure.

h. Once the game is at maximum speed, you will need a more sophisticated technique. Here it is:

Spend all your time in two opposite corners. You should dart back and forth behind the screen developing a turn-thrust-shoot rhythm and synchronizing it with the outer ring so that you are always shooting at the same spot. Once you perfect this method, the cannon and bombs will never be fast enough to do more than almost destroy you.

i. For best effect, the corner pattern should be followed with the slow ring in the middle. You can shift it to this position by quickly destroying the outer wall twice before beginning your attack in earnest.