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BC's Quest (Coleco)

"Help! Help!"

It's Cute Chick, and she's in trouble. The dinosaur is holding her captive.
Thor doesn't get to her in time, the dinosaur may even eat her!

Yes, it's your favorite caveman, Thor, straight from the comic strip B.C.!

Help Thor over the many obstacles to save Cute Chick from the dinosaur.

There's danger everywhere, but it's worth the risk in the cause of true love.


1. Make sure ColecoVision unit is off before inserting or removing your
2. Insert your cartridge into the slot, with the label facing you. Be certain

   it is locked into place.
3. Turn on the power to the television and ColecoVision unit.
4. After the banner (title) page appears an the screen, your game options

PRESS 1-4 Levels for one player
PRESS 5-8 Levels for two players


Push up on the stick to jump, push down to duck

Move Thor to the left or right side of the screen by pushing left or right on

the stick

Use side buttons to control Thor's speed


After Game:
To restart same game, PRESS *
To change game options, PRESS #


Can Thor save Cute Chick from the hungry dinosaur? Only you can help.

At first he only has to jump rocks and holes. Then he must jump and duck,
almost simultaneously, to avoid the logs and low hanging tree limbs in the
Petrified Forest.

The only way Thor can get across the river is to hop on the turtles' backs.
These turtles sometimes get tired and submerge at the wrong moment, much to
Thor's dismay! To add to Thor's difficulties, his arch-enemy Fat Brood is
waiting on the other side to ambush him.

If Thor's timing is good, the Dooky Bird will help him over the lava pit If
jumps the pit just when Dooky Bird is overhead, the prehistoric bird will
him up and carry him across!

Thor must build up plenty of speed during his downhill run before the cliff.
Timing is crucial, too. If Thor's balance is off or he is too slow he will
crash into the ravine or the face of the cliff

Once over the cliff, Thor faces his most difficult challenge: the volcanic
eruption In addition to the obstacles on the ground, he is showered with
boulders from the sky.

Once again Thor must cross the river on the turtles' backs. Then, at last, he

must face the dinosaur!

If Thor can get past the dinosaur and into the cave, he has only a short way
go to rescue Cute Chick. On his way, Thor must duck under stalactites and
over stalagmites to avoid crashing.

If Thor does crash, don't worry: he has five wheels. But True Love is calling

him, so use all your agility and cunning to help him rescue Cute Chick!

Rocks            10
Potholes         10
Logs             10
Branches         10
Falling Rocks    15
Rolling Rocks    15

Each one of the above obstacles is worth more points when cleared at higher

30 - 40 MPH = Points x 2
50 - 60 MPH = Points x 4
70 - 80 MPH = Points x 8

Lava Pit        200
Cliff           100
River           200 *

Bonus Tires are awarded every: 2000 points (levels 1 & 5)
3000 points (levels 2 & 6)
4000 points (levels 3 & 7)
5000 points (levels 4 & 8)

* If the river is crossed in five seconds or less, then 200 points are
For every additional second taken to cross, 20 points are subtracted from 200

(for example, 7 seconds = 160 points).