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River Raid (coleco)

River Raid
by Activision

YOUR MISSION score as many points as possible by destroying enemy
battleships, helicopters, fuel depots, jets, land tanks, hot air balloons and
bridges before your jet crashes or runs out of fuel.


1. Insert cartridge into your game system with the power OFF. Then, turn the
power ON.

2. select game by pressing the appropriate number on the hand controller (uses
no overlays). There are eight game variations (see chart).

3. To start the action, move the Control Stick or press a side button.

4. To begin a new game at anytime, press Reset on the game console. * or # on
your hand controller can also reset the game, but only after a plane has
crashed or when the current game has ended.

5. Turn power OFF before removing cartridge.


The River of No Return. The river is divided into sections, with a bridge at
the end of each section. You will encounter islands, narrow channels, bays
and lots of enemy air and water craft moving in to block your path. Also,
the farther down the river you fly, the more harrowing things get.

The current bridge number is displayed on-screen and is an indication of your
progress up the river. It is updated whenever a bridge is destroyed. Advanced
pilots may start the game at later bridges, bypassing the easier sections of
the river. Here are your options:


     1           1          ONE
     2           1          TWO

     3           5          ONE
     4           5          TWO

     5           20         ONE
     6           20         TWO

     7           50         ONE
     8           50         TWO

Your Jet Fighter will bank to the left or right when you move the Control
Stick left or right. To accelerate, push it forward. To slow down, pull it
back. Press either side button to fire missiles (hold for continuous fire).

Your squadron. You'll begin with four jets (one active, three on reserve).
With each 10,000-point increase, you're given an additional jet. You lose a
jet if it runs out of fuel, or touches anything except a fuel depot . River
Raid ends when all of your jets are lost.

Fuel Gauge. Always keep an eye and an ear on your fuel gauge. Fuel is used up
at a constant rate, regardless of speed. When your fuel drops below 1/4 full,
a warning siren sounds to alert you. To refuel, fly over a fuel depot. The
slower you fly over it, the more fuel you'll receive. A bell will sound while
you are refueling. This sound changes to a higher pitch when your fuel tank
is full. If you don't need fuel, you can blow up the fuel depot. But keep in
mind that the farther down the river you fly, the fewer fuel depots you'll

Land Tanks appear on the road at the first bridge. Beginning with Bridge 7,
they'll dodge up to the shoreline and commence shooting. Helicopter gunners
begin appearing at Bridge 13.



           Tanker   30
       Helicopter   60
          Balloon   60
       Fuel Depot   80
        Enemy Jet  100
Helicopter Gunner  150
           Bridge  500
 Bridge with Tank  750