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Jet Set Willy (msx)

Autor: Matthew Smith.

Maria, Willy's housekeeper, will not let Willy go to bed until
he has cleared up.  The aim of the game is to collect all of the
flashing objects from each of the rooms and then return to The
Master Bedroom.

Jet Set Willy was the follow up to the classic platform game
Manic Miner, and was followed up itself by Jet Set Willy 2,
which was basically (albeit totally re-coded,) a larger version
of Jet Set Willy.

The names of the rooms in Jet Set Willy are as follows:
 0:          The Off Licence
 1:          The Bridge
 2:        Under the MegaTree
 3:   At the Foot of the MegaTree
 4:             The Drive
 5:        The Security Guard
 6:         Entrance to Hades
 7:          Cuckoo's Nest
 8:       Inside the MegaTrunk
 9:    On a Branch Over the Drive
10:          The Front Door
11:             The Hall
12:             Tree Top
13:         Out on a limb
14:         Rescue Esmeralda
15: I'm sure I've seen this before..
16:   We must perform a Quirkafleeg
17:       Up on the Battlements
18:           On the Roof
19:       The Forgotten Abbey
20:          Ballroom East
21:          Ballroom West
22: To the Kitchens    Main Stairway
23:           The Kitchen
24:     West of Kitchen
25:            Cold Store
26:          East Wall Base
27:            The Chapel
28:         First Landing
29:        The Nightmare Room
30:        The Banyan Tree
31:           Swimming Pool
32: Halfway up the East Wall
33:           The Bathroom
34:           Top Landing
35:          Master Bedroom
36:     A bit of tree
37:             Orangery
38:          Priests' Hole
39:        Emergency Generator
40: Dr Jones will never believe this!
41:           The Attic
42:          Under the Roof
43:         Conservatory Roof
44:          On top of the house
45:           Under the Drive
46:            Tree Root
47:          [
48:            Nomen Luni
49:         The Wine Cellar
50:           Watch Tower
51:            Tool  Shed
52:          Back Stairway
53:             Back Door
54:            West  Wing
55:     West Bedroom
56:          West Wing Roof
57:    Above the West Bedroom
58:             The Beach
59:            The Yacht
60:              The Bow
61:       [unprintable]
62:       [unprintable]
63:       [unprintable]

"[" was re-coded by hairy hacker Dave Nichols in Your Spectrum
18 (the *April* issue!) as a new room, which was called April
Showers.  YS ran a competition to find this new room (it was
above The Beach) and the April fool joke was that we were all
playing JSW again, months after it was released.

"Nomen Luni" is a play on words of "Nomen Ludi" which appeared
on the inlay card text for Zzoom (Imagine).  Zzoom was all about
flying (and shooting) planes out of the sky.  The joke is (I
presume) that one of the planes from Zzoom has crashed into the
Willy Mansion.  On the Nomen Luni screen you see the tail of the
plane and on the screen below (Under the Roof) you can see the
front of it (wings, propellers and cockpit).  It is basically
just like an expanded UDG.  A rough translation by someone who
has done O-level Latin results in "The Name of the Game".
Apparently, its a generative pluperfect subjunctive.  But wasn't
that Imagine's slogan?  The same imagine that published Zzoom?
So that's where they got it from!

What is a Quirkafleeg, from the room "We must perform a
Quirkafleeg"?  A Quirkafleeg is the act of lying on the ground,
in the presence of small dead furry animals, kicking your legs
about and shouting "Quirkafleeg!".  It originally came from a
comic that Matthew Smith used to read called "The Adventures of
Fat Freddy's Cat", and for those of you who want to try and get
a hold of the issue in question - it was in issue number five.

Jet Set Willy also had a load of unused sprites in it, such as
a periscope (later to materialize as Macaroni Ted), a top hat,
and a few others.

What happens when you complete Jet Set Willy?  After walking into
Maria's (and his own) bedroom, you notice that Maria is not there
(assuming you have collected all the glasses).  You then walk
Willy towards the bed.  Just as he gets there, the computer takes
control of him and walks him double speed all the way to The
Bathroom, where he walks into the toilets and sticks his head in
it and waggles his legs about in the air.  You then have to
reload the game if you want to play it again.  There is actually
a cheat to do this, but I can't remember what it is.

How many glasses are there in JSW?  There are 87 glasses in the
game, but only 83 need to be collected, and only 79 "standard"
objects.  There is an invisible one in the first landing and one
in the swimming pool that counts as two.

The demo mode tune is the Moonlight Sonata, by Beethoven
(1770-1827).  The tune it plays during the game is "If I was a
Rich Man" - which is from "Fiddler on the roof", as any fule
kno's - by Sheldon Harnick (words,) and Jerry Bock (music).
There's also a very rare version of the original JSW that has
Mountain King as in-game music.