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Atomino (PC)

Manual imbecil extraído do underdogs que não explica nada:

In ATOMINO your task is to combine atoms into
molecules...Now, we all know that atoms are normally
on the small side, and they appear to spend most of
their time aimlessly flying around, a fact that
complicates their handling. Therefore, in ATOMINO,
we have objects which look like atoms, smell like
atoms, and, just like real atoms, have the capability
of combining with one another. They are, to all
intents and purposes, atoms - apart from the size
factor, of course.

The atoms have a valance (look it up) of one to four,
i.e. they can combine with one, two, three or even
four other atoms.

Let me explain: imagine these atoms as small, naked,
spherical, swarming beings, each armed with up to
four hands. When two swarmers shake hands (when two
atoms combine), each now has one less free hand
(henceforth, free hands will be called free
combinations, otherwise, this manual may begin to
sound kind of silly...)

A complete molecule is defined simply as a structure
of atoms in which there are no more free combinations.

WARNING! For demonstration purposes only, this
packaging contains some sample atoms in original size
(find 'em if you can!).